Grand Nail Spa - a place to love yourself
Basic Manicure                                                   $14
trim Nails, file, shape, cuticle work,massage + polish
Peppermint Manicure                                        $22
all of your basics + a gentle exfoliating sugar scrub followed by peach cream paraffin treatment and a wonderful massage! Great for dry skin.
Shellac Manicure                                               $30
Beautiful natural nails taken to the next level!
Includes basic manicure and shellac polish
that last 10-14 days+! includes basic manicure*
OPI MANICURE*                                                  $25
All Natural Product *
all of your basics + an all natural fruit extract OPI product that includes a fabulous exfoliating scrub, mask, hot towel wrap & lotion. Perfect
for extremely dry/sensitive skin.
Basic Pedicure                                                  $28
Trim Nails, File, Shape, Cuticle Work, Massage & Polish
Peppermint Pedicure        35mins.                    $35
includes all the fun stuff above! & a wonderful exfoliating scrub + peppermint mask w/ hot towel wrap & a soothing massage.
Blissful Pedicure                45mins.                    $45
includes all the fun stuff above & 3 fabulous scrubs + a hot towel mask wrap (choose your own mask) then a luxurious lotion massage with hot stone
OPI Pedicure*                      55mins.                  $60
an all natural fruit extract pedicure!OPI products are used for extremely sensitive/dry skin. includes a wonderful fruit scrub -cooling mask wrap with steam towels and a soothing massage from leg to toe & hot paraffin wax

Hand Polish Change                  $8
Feet Polish Change                    $10
French                                          $5
Paraffin Hand                              $5
Paraffin Feet                                $6
Artificial Nail Enhancement
Acrylic Fullset                             $30
This is the standard full set that includes polish.
Solar Fullset                                 $40
Better quality, product by Creative Nail.
Beautiful, natural, french (pink & white) nails. 
Shellac Nails                               $30
Beautiful natural nails taken to the next level!
Includes basic manicure and shellac polish
that last 10-14 days+! 
Acrylic Nails                               $20
Solar Pink Only                           $25
 Solar Pink & White               
 (includes Gel on top)             $35
KIDS (10 & Under)
Polish Hands                                    $5
Polish Feet                                        $8
Spa Manicure                                   $10
Spa Pedicure                                    $20
Wax Service
Eyebrow                                     $10
Lip                                               $7
Chin                                            $10
Sideburn                                     $10
Face                                           $35
Half Leg                                      $35+
Whole Leg                                  $55+
Underarm                                   $20
Half Arm                                     $25+
Whole Arm                                 $40+
Bikini                                           $30+
Brazillian                                     $55+
Chest or Back                            $35+
Please ask for any additional information.
Note: Prices are subject to change in-store without instant notice online. Please check in-store brochure at time of your visitation for latest prices.

1700 Grand Ave Parkway#170 Pflugerville TX 78660                                                   512.990.7300

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